Chicken liver "Aristocrat"

303 - 30 минут 6 порции

As you know, the liver when fried a little dry the product, so before I found this recipe, cook it extremely rare. But when I tried it in the role of "Aristocrat", the liver became a frequent guest on our table. I hope you in such a guise will like it!!!

Ingredients for Chicken liver "Aristocrat"

Step by step instruction of cooking Chicken liver "Aristocrat"

Шаг 1

Cut the mushrooms thinly and sauté 5 min in sunflower oil, to defer from the pan

Шаг 2

In the same oil fry the onion and garlic ( finely chopped), defer

Шаг 3

Fry tomato, diced, to postpone

Шаг 4

Prunes cut into strips, if hard - to fill with water for 10-15 min.

Шаг 5

Mix the wine, brandy and mustard

Шаг 6

The liver fry until slightly Golden, season with salt to taste

Шаг 7

On top of the liver put the mushrooms, prunes, onion, tomato, pour wine mixture and simmer 10-15 minutes, until tender

Шаг 8

On top, in a dish to sprinkle seeds.

Шаг 9

Our tender, melt in the mouth pechenocna ready! Wine is a spicy aroma for the whole house! Very tasty! Spend dinner with the "Aristocrat"!