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Soup with meatballs and celery

Soup with meatballs and celery

Sooo delicious and easy soup!

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Step-by-step instruction of cooking Soup with meatballs and celery

Step 1

To start, put a pot of water on the fire. (I have about 3 liters). Prepare all the vegetables: potatoes, carrots, celery and onions.

Step 2

Potatoes cut into small slices, wash and put in boiling water in a saucepan.

Step 3

The rest of the vegetables cut into small dice, celery can be a little larger.

Step 4

Put the vegetables on the preheated pan (medium heat), fry until cooked. If fried, turn heat down or add a spoonful of water from the pan.

Step 5

While preparing the vegetables, preparing the stuffing. Add salt/pepper, stir.

Step 6

Formed meatballs (egg is not necessary, so keep a good shape). I have 40 pieces of 10 grams.

Step 7

So our potatoes are ready or almost ready (depends on your speed, you can prepare the meatballs in advance). Vegetables off and under the cap may reach. Potatoes, salt, add the fire to direct the water to a boil and throw our meatballs. As will boil them, then you can subtract. First, they will be on the bottom, then float. Let cook for about 10 minutes.

Step 8

It has been 10 minutes? Throw our vegetables, stir, try, if necessary, doselevel/debarchiver, throw a Bay leaf and let it still for 5 minutes let the sauce to boil on a slow fire.

Step 9

Now turn off, leave alone for 10-15 minutes. Let configure themselves.
Take out the Bay leaf, spread the soup on plates, sprinkle with greens and Bon appetit!