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Dessert "Blueberry compliment"

Dessert "Blueberry compliment"

Good day! Share the news, I participate in a cooking competition. Alain conducts his Korotkova. The contest is called "let's Try the fruits of life?". While it was only a qualifying round. The theme of "a compliment to the judge," task - dessert in a Cup. The conditions of the stage - the original and not a complicated recipe. Thought very long on the recipe, and even ache managed. Well, that's me^^ And here is my result: a chocolate tart and a brownie, soft and velvety blueberry Kurd, vivid and saturated lemon Kurd. That's a part of my dessert) Blueberry Kurd was greater, and therefore the name.

Cooking time 40 minutes Number of servings3

Ingredients for Dessert "Blueberry compliment"