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Very gentle banana cheesecake

Very gentle banana cheesecake

Very long to decide to prepare this dessert, because to me he seemed impossibly complex, and yet decided), but the recipe that I was satisfied with the Boy I found and shoveled half of the Internet has stumbled upon is perfect for me, cheesecake. It is very tender and tasty dessert! Prepared for the first time and surprisingly everything managed, you definitely will!)

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Ingredients for Very gentle banana cheesecake

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Very gentle banana cheesecake

Step 1

The required ingredients.

Step 2

Cookies carefully grind, mix with softened butter and milk, all crush with a fork. Crumb biscuits and put into a form with parchment paper (I used plastic sheeting as the parchment like an evil end), distributed throughout the bottom compacted. Put it in the refrigerator.

Step 3

Cover the gelatine with the lemon juice and leave for 15 minutes, after a time, to dissolve it in a water bath (do not boil!). Ready liquid remove from heat and cool.

Step 4

Bananas peel and mash with a fork into a puree (it is desirable that the banana was at room temperature). Pour the puree into the gelatin liquid, all grind until smooth and put in the fridge for 10 minutes.

Step 5

Cheese to kill the pulp (with a fork or pass through a sieve), add sour cream, zest, honey and mix well.

Step 6

Connect a banana and curd mass to interrupt a blender until the disappearance of the banana pieces. Cool.

Step 7

Whip the chilled cream with powdered sugar until stable peaks (3-4 minutes).

Step 8

Gently mix in the whipped cream to the curd-banana mass and put it in the framework of the cookies. (Very important to voragine banana mass was cold enough otherwise the cream can "fall").

Step 9

Banana cheesecake refrigerate at least 5 hours, and preferably overnight.