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Mini-burgers with cucumber

Mini-burgers with cucumber

All probably know the classic dish, revered by the British - cucumber sandwiches. Two slices of white bread greased with butter and in between the cucumber slices. I propose a variation on this theme - in a lightweight form. Instead of white bread - mini-muffins with bran, and instead of butter is a light cream sauce. Well, the cucumbers will leave )))

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Ingredients for Mini-burgers with cucumber

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Mini-burgers with cucumber

Step 1

For the dough mix the water, flour, yeast, add a pinch of sugar, cover with foil and put in a warm place, to rise the cap.
Then pour the bran, add salt and vegetable oil "they"

Step 2

Knead thoroughly on the table. Here is the dough. Give it a go again

Step 3

Now abenaim the dough and cut it into small balls the size of an egg (+/-)

Step 4

With knife, make 5-6 cuts

Step 5

Now do a "flower" - each petal is compressible fingers and a little expandable
The middle of "flower" can be sprinkled to decorate with sesame seeds or cumin

Step 6

Give our mini-rolls to stand a little to rise 15-20 minutes, and put them in the preheated oven, bake until tender.

I baked at 180 degrees for about 15 minutes

Step 7

While the buns bake, make the sauce: mix sour cream (yogurt) with chopped greens, crushed garlic and butter "generous gift" - this sauce is good "play" the vegetable oil with olive

Step 8

Meanwhile, our pierogies are baked! Cut each muffin in half

Step 9

Grease with the sauce and put slices of cucumber

Step 10

Well, here are ready and easy Breakfast or dinner!