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Candy for diet

Candy for diet

Sweets I made especially for my sister. After all, people who are on a diet, need support. So why pick high-calorie sweets, if you have a tasty and healthy alternative!?!? By the way, these candies gladly ate all guests with no exception.

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Ingredients for Candy for diet

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Candy for diet

Step 1

Soak for 2 hours cherries and cranberries. What dunk I did not specify in the ingredients is a matter of taste. The choice of-water, syrup, alcohol, infusion of tea.

Step 2

For the sprinkles: nuts grind into crumbs, mix with cocoa and powder. Roll candy.

Step 3

Dessert is ready! Not counting the time until soaked cherries and cranberries, candy, ready in 15 minutes. The idea a huge thank you to blogger Olga (gorobchik7)!