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Sicheniki chicken

Sicheniki chicken

Chopped meat, in my opinion, gives wide scope for creative imagination. Here, for example, sichenyky (it's in Ukrainian cuisine, and we are accustomed to call this dish meatballs). Why not just add in the beef lady! One may argue about nastasescu recipe, its classicality, but in every house every housewife prepares a dish on its own. Each chef finds his zest. This recipe appeared in my notebook the notebook is still in pre-Internet times, but I tried it recently. Chops turned out very tender taste. So decided to share the recipe.

Cooking time- Number of servings-

Ingredients for Sicheniki chicken

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Sicheniki chicken

Step 1

Chicken the pulp leaves the grinder or finely-chopped manually.

Step 2

Onions chop and fry in butter. Eggs lightly whisk and add to the onions. The fire can be removed completely. Mix well to get so watery scrambled eggs.

Step 3

When the omelet has cooled, combine it with the minced meat and all together pass through a chopper. Season with salt and pepper.