Homemade pilaf with chicken

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Recipe shared neighbor-Tajik in the country. At Home they are traditionally cooked rice in a pot, of course, but home can be no less tasty dish. Chicken - meat diet and is combined with rice and spices, so always make risotto with chicken. It has become my tradition.

Ingredients for Homemade pilaf with chicken

Step by step instruction of cooking Homemade pilaf with chicken

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Prepare your ingredients:

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Wash well the rice and leave in a bowl of water for 15 min.

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At this time, cut in large julienne strips of carrot (this is aziatskaya feature. as each Tajik told). Cut onion into rings.

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In a pan pour vegetable oil about 1cm deep, heats and place the chicken.

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Well, fry until Golden brown, add the onions. Fry again, stirring occasionally.

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Add carrots, fry. Add rice, mix well, adding salt and seasoning.
Pour boiling water to hide the rice completely.

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Without covering with a lid, wait until the water boils away. Turn off the heat, cover with a lid (I traditionally put on top of the old warm jacket), back inside, throw the garlic cloves (for flavor and aroma) and leave the pilaf to stand for.

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Pilaf is ready! Bon appetit! :)