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Salad of green beans "health"

Salad of green beans "health"

My dear Cooks, I want to buy you a salad, which combines bright "sunshine" bell peppers, emerald green beans and milk rich taste of Adygei cheese! Spices adds piquancy. Give this salad Маришке2015 and Ладе109 - in gratitude for their delicious salads! Let its Utility, Taste, Sophistication and Simplicity will become your allies in our constant struggle "US GIRLS" for the beauty and health! Help yourself to health!

Cooking time 30 minutes Number of servings4

Ingredients for Salad of green beans "health"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Salad of green beans "health"

Step 1

In boiling water drop frozen green beans (the water will stop boiling). After a second boiling, it only takes 3 - 4 minutes, no more, to preserve the vitamins and wonderful emerald colour of the beans

Step 2

Throws the beans in a colander to drain the water, and the beans are a little cool

Step 3

Cut into large julienne bell pepper. I always take orange or yellow, because the taste of green and red peppers a little different. But you can take any optional

Step 4

Cut them in large cubes Adyghe cheese

Step 5

Spread on dishes of our main ingredients. Here they are, joyful, rich in vitamins!

Step 6

Take a few feathers green onions and garlic (if using). I have this year in the garden very early out of the ground young garlic! How not to use it! We spring early and winter is almost not there this year!

Step 7

And here is the parsley - beauty from the package, lay in the freezer - not even a wrinkled - like a BRIDE in a veil! So I cut it frozen:)

Step 8

We cut all our greens and sprinkle it next salad!

Step 9

Now it was the turn of spices: salt to taste, sprinkle with ground pepper and curry

Step 10

For salad dressing I used olive oil

Step 11

Add 4 tablespoons of butter you can use oil that you like. If not olive, vegetable and sunflower or corn - also nice!

Step 12

Mix our salad without fanaticism, with a spoon from the edges to the middle... to Watch him is a pleasure! And feel invigorated!

Step 13

Help yourself TO HEALTH, my dear! This salad will delight you and your loved ones Taste and Ease of preparation! For my girlfriends Лады109 and Маришки2015 this plate is PERSONALLY! Girls - HEALTH!