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Chicken fillet with green peas

Chicken fillet with green peas

A light dinner for those who care about their health! Boiled chicken and fresh peas. It seems like a pretty simple dish. It is simple and quick to prepare. Easy, delicious dinner that contains lots of protein and vitamins.

Cooking time 35 minutes Number of servings3

Ingredients for Chicken fillet with green peas

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Chicken fillet with green peas

Step 1

Ingredients for a light dinner. Boiled chicken in spices and seasonings. The peas are unfrozen, filled with hot water and bring to a boil for three minutes. The water immediately drained. Bell pepper, cut lengthwise into three parts. The cherry tomatoes split in two, in half. Fragrant sprigs of dill for decoration.

Step 2

Who follows the diet other than salt when cooking of chicken is nothing to add. Fillets put in a pot and pour boiling water. As soon as the water boils and appears white scum, drain the water and pour new. Season with salt and cook until tender.

Step 3

In the center of the plate lay out sliced chicken fillet. Polka dots spread out in boats from the peppers. Decorate the dish with halves of cherry tomatoes and dill.

Step 4

This plate for her youngest son. He loves peas, and I put it not only in pumps from pepper, but in the center of the plate. The best sauce for this dish Kikkoman. As soon as I found a shop that sells Kikkoman soy sauce, my whole family became dependent on him. Other soy sauce I and my family do not recognize...

Step 5

Tender chicken goes well with green peas and soy sauce is Kikkoman. Fillet you can pour sauce or slices to dip in the sauce.

Step 6

Help yourself, and you will not remain indifferent!