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Wings in the shitty shading

Wings in the shitty shading

No, I do not swear))) Just for fill we use the damn thing (it khrenodyor, she gorloder, she's a Siberian adjika). If you and your friends gathered in the evening to sit and drink beer for hockey (football, basketball, bobsleigh, finally), these spicy wings will be a great dinner for the occasion!!!

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Ingredients for Wings in the shitty shading

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Wings in the shitty shading

Step 1

Wings spread in a baking dish and "flavor" soy sauce "Kikkoman".
Close with foil and leave to pomeryatsya for 30-40 minutes

Step 2

For the fill we will need the finished thing.
If you do not prepare it for the winter on their own - it is easy to purchase in supermarkets or market (it is now sold in many cities)

Step 3

Add the damn sour cream

Step 4


Step 5

The resulting fill fill the wings and put them to prepare in a preheated 190 degree oven until Golden brown (about 45 minutes)

Step 6

Here are rosy, spicy, delicious wings turn out

Step 7

I decided to submit it as a sauce itself, the actual thing and prepared a sauce of sour cream and greens.

Serves who with what he loves - fries, with fresh bread or with carrot sticks