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"Pizza" from minced meat

"Pizza" from minced meat

This dish was born from a dispute - what to cook for dinner - pizza or burgers))) Combined the principle of the pizza and the minced cutlet. Came out delicious and cheesy!

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Ingredients for "Pizza" from minced meat

Step-by-step instruction of cooking "Pizza" from minced meat

Step 1

In forcemeat add the grated on a fine grater raw potato, grated onion, grated cucumber and soy sauce "Kikkoman" (brought to taste)

Step 2

Minced mix and pour water into it (about 1/3 Cup), mix again, cover with film and refrigerate for 30 minutes

Step 3

Take a round pizza shape. I has little holes in it - so I covered with foil. I think you can cook in a frying pan. Lubricating oil

Step 4

Evenly across the surface spread the stuffing and put in a preheated 220 degree oven for 15 minutes

Step 5

The basis for "pizza" slightly "grabbed" in the oven - take it out and grease sauce, put back in the oven - cook for another 15-20 minutes

Step 6

Now get our "pizza" and sprinkle with cheese. In the process of cooking it is slightly reduced in size, as any meat dish. And, as you can see, the cooking process can be extracted from it juice.

After sprinkled cheese, in the oven for 5 minutes

Step 7

Well, all of you! Put our "pizza" on a big platter to the table!

The juice released during cooking, can be mixed with the remaining tomato sauce for pizza and a little warm - will be a great sauce for garnish. And garnish serve what you love - mashed potatoes, pasta, cereals, vegetables. Today I just boiled potatoes! Voila!