Chicken baked with tangerines and mustard

77 - 90 минут 4 порции

This dish was a frequent participant of our family dinners. Consumed it in one sitting, it's quick and easy, and smells so tempting that all the Pets come running to the table in advance))) help yourself! I apologize for the unskillful pictures, do not get me beautiful to photograph ( ( (

Ingredients for Chicken baked with tangerines and mustard

Step by step instruction of cooking Chicken baked with tangerines and mustard

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Chicken rubbed with salt. From tangerines remove the bones, if any, and squeeze the juice. Cake stuffing in the chicken. Sometimes I just punch the tangerine blender. But this can only be done after careful removal of the bones.

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To the juice add the soy sauce TM Kikkoman, French mustard and honey. Stir. Definitely try the sauce. It needs to be pretty sharp. If necessary, add one or the other ingredient.

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The chicken is placed in a sleeve or package for baking, pour in the sauce. Sleeve good tie, shake that chicken from all sides "washed" sauce. Well leave it to marinate for a few hours. But without it the chicken will be excellent. In the sleeve to make a few punctures. The chicken bake in the oven at 180 degrees until cooked. I usually spent on it 60-70 minutes.

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Before serving the sauce from the sleeve to drain and serve with chicken. Very tasty pour over the rice or to dip into our chicken. Bon appetit!