The cakes on the egg yolks

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Girls don't swear much, of course recipes of cheesecakes here enough, but such as I do not seen here. So try, my dear, my recipe cheesecakes. This is a favorite cheese cakes not only for my family, but also immediately become a favorite for everyone I treat these the cheese silnicemi.

Ingredients for The cakes on the egg yolks

Step by step instruction of cooking The cakes on the egg yolks

Шаг 1

Cottage cheese in pancakes is better to take shopping because it is less liquid than in the village.
In cheesecakes is better to put only the yolk proteins give the curd the excess fluid that leads to increasing the amount of flour, and cakes the most important is the cheese.
and one more thing about the ingredients: if you take two or one pack of cheese, one yolk is enough.
Here I took three 200-gram packs of cheese

Шаг 2

Curd mix with sugar, add yolks and again to work properly by an.
Add flour and knead dough.

Шаг 3

Shape the dough kolobochki the size of a large walnut and flatten them slightly.
Carefully roll in flour.

Шаг 4

And, of course, about the beauty (beauty has not been canceled):
Butter knife, pressing lightly, to put on syrnichki grid on both sides - this is beautiful and such stripes will turn out very delicious.

Шаг 5

Fry syrnichki from both sides in a hot pan with vegetable oil.

Шаг 6

Bon appetit! :)