Lazy yeast cake

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Tried it for the first time at his aunt. The dough is awesome easy, simple and delicious. But still curious what's in the dough and added yeast, and soda. And lazy it is because the yeast dough, though - but work at least!!! Kneaded, poured - lost! )))

Ingredients for Lazy yeast cake

Step by step instruction of cooking Lazy yeast cake

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Our ingredients

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Honey to warm up (it is better to take light) and throw into it the peel of an orange

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In half of the flour add yeast and baking soda, pour yogurt mixed with water

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Now add oil "generous gift" and the honey with the zest, stir. The dough is now quite liquid, begin to add the remaining flour - the dough should get thicker than pancakes (i.e. the beater turns with difficulty)

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Grease the form of oil, "they"

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Put in the batter, cover with film and leave for 2 hours!

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The dough will begin to rise

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After 2 hours, carefully, trying not to shake off the bubbles, put the cake in the preheated oven (170-180 degrees) and bake for about 40-45 minutes.

The finished cake remove from the form and decorate according to your choice.
Of course, low-calorie version of candy can be eliminated in the decor )))

I did this once with orange zest, but the cake is delicious also the vanilla+raisins! Try!