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The cake from the zucchini

The cake from the zucchini

Tasty, tender, sun - these words can describe this wonderful cake. The recipe attracted me with their uniqueness, I've never used zucchini in sweet baked goods. The result exceeded all my expectations. From uncomplicated set of products at the minimum expenses of forces and time it turns out a real treat with a luxurious structure. All the products are measured by Cup. The volume doesn't matter in this case what is important is the proportions. I have a glass with a volume of 200 ml.

Cooking time 60 minutes Number of servings8

Ingredients for The cake from the zucchini

Step-by-step instruction of cooking The cake from the zucchini

Step 1

A set of products that we need.

Step 2

Zucchini grate on a medium grater. If the zucchini is very juicy, squeeze out excess liquid.

Step 3

Separate eggs into yolks and whites. The egg yolks add to the zucchini, mix well.

Step 4

Add sunflower oil, salt, sifted flour with baking powder and zest from half a lemon.

Step 5

Mix well.

Step 6

Beat egg whites and then gently introduce them into the dough.

Step 7

Dough to shift in a form greased and floured. If you are like me, you use silicone form, it is enough to sprinkle water. Put the form in the preheated oven and bake our cake for about 45 minutes at 180 degrees.

Step 8

Readiness check wooden stick. Removing the cake from the oven, you can smell the sunflower oil, but it runs as soon as the cake has cooled.

Step 9

The finished cake let cool, sprinkle with powdered sugar.

Step 10

You can serve tea!

Step 11

This tasty piece will not leave anyone indifferent.

Step 12

Bon appetit!

Step 13

Such a handsome man turned.