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Fitness sandwich for Breakfast

Fitness sandwich for Breakfast

I want to share with you, dear cooks, the recipe of his favorite sandwiches that well very often adorn my Breakfast. The recipe is simple to indecency, and perhaps many do, but I will share!)) do not swear, please)) (the Recipe, by the way, was inspired on one forum, girls that eat system -60)

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Ingredients for Fitness sandwich for Breakfast

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Fitness sandwich for Breakfast

Step 1

The curd is thoroughly mixed with the yogurt and skip through the press garlic (garlic not necessarily of course, for an Amateur). You can whip cream using a blender.

Step 2

Spread a layer of cottage cheese mixture on the bread.

Step 3

Top of the next loaf, once again lubricates the intestines. Repeat the procedure. I usually make a "storey".

Step 4

Distributed remains of the cheese mass on top and on the sides of our sandwich cake))
Then sprinkle grated on a fine grater cheese.

Step 5

You can eat immediately if you like to bread that crackled. And can be done in the evening and in the morning You will have to wait-soaked sandwich!
Bon appetit!