Trout wrapped in bacon on the grill

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I love fish, delicious. This is one of the active-duty option, which is not ashamed to serve on the holiday table. Quick, easy and very tasty!

Ingredients for Trout wrapped in bacon on the grill

Step by step instruction of cooking Trout wrapped in bacon on the grill

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I had a piece of trout.

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Cut the fish into fillets, skinned, cut into 4 pieces.

Шаг 3

Marinate the fish for 15-30 minutes in the Teriyaki marinade sauce TM Kikkoman.

Шаг 4

Every piece of fish wrapped in strips of bacon, fastened with toothpicks.

Шаг 5

Make a glaze. We need lemon peel, soy sauce, honey and grain mustard (can use prepared mustard bean)

Шаг 6

All mix for glaze.

Шаг 7

Warm up a grill pan, put the fish zamochennoy in bacon.

Шаг 8

I really like cherry tomatoes, a little popechenie on the grill. Bon appetit!