The most delicious porridge from barley

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Offer to prepare a porridge of pearl barley in a pot. Pearl barley, not everyone likes because of its harsh taste, so I propose to make this porridge is much tastier, more filling, and most importantly, smoother. The dish is very hearty and high in calories.

Ingredients for The most delicious porridge from barley

Step by step instruction of cooking The most delicious porridge from barley

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The photo shows the main ingredients of this dish.

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Pre-soaked overnight in water, pearl barley. In the morning drain it from the water.
Before you fill the pot, you need to grate the carrots and finely chop the onion. In a frying pan put butter in it and stew the carrots with the onions for 1-2 minutes. Then pour the vegetables and the minced meat to the barley, stir.

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Put the whole pearl barley with minced pork and vegetables in a clay pot (1 litre). Prepare the filling of eggs, allspice, soy sauce and Kikkoman milk, water. Since I have a homemade milk and fat, so I diluted with a little water. Carefully pour the porridge. If you do not have the saltiness of soy sauce, it is possible to taste salt.

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RUB cheese on a coarse grater and sprinkle them top of the porridge. Pot cover with a lid.
Put the pot in a cold oven and turn on her. Bake the porridge for 30-45 minutes until Golden brown. To make the crust had a distinct Golden color, remove the lid for 5-10 minutes until tender.

It is served hot and spread cereal on individual plates.

Bon appetit!