Cupcakes with a surprise

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The idea of these cupcakes with multi-colored "surprise" assembled in the Internet - they are fun. to create the mood! I think that the opponents of food dyes will be against it, but, unfortunately, the natural dyes that I had on hand at the time, this effect is not given ( except for cocoa).

Ingredients for Cupcakes with a surprise

Step by step instruction of cooking Cupcakes with a surprise

Шаг 1

To prepare the dough: beat butter with sugar until fluffy on high speed of mixer

Шаг 2

One by one add the eggs, whisking well after each,

Шаг 3

Pour the milk and add gradually, piece by piece, the sifted flour with the baking powder, mixing on low speed

Шаг 4

Received divide the dough into two parts, one part to be divided into several parts, put the dye and stir. I got 6 colors :red, green, yellow, orange, brown (with cocoa powder) and mustard (with turmeric)

Шаг 5

Shift them into the bags. in regular files, crop the corners

Шаг 6

Mixed the dough and put in the form for Cakobau ( I have this just lying long idle). alternating the type of Zebra. Bake at the-re 170 gr. 25 minutes.

Шаг 7

The resulting sponge balls cool. In muffin cups put a paper capsule and put 1 tbsp. of white dough, sprinkle the colored balls and slightly imbedded them.

Шаг 8

Put a spoonful of the white dough, as if covering them. Bake at TEM-PE 170 g for 15 minutes. Allow to cool in the form of 5 minutes, and then, laying out of the iron mold, cool on a wire rack.

Шаг 9

Here they are in the context of: color...

Шаг 10

The other with cocoa..

Шаг 11

Decorate as you like. I decorated with butter cream with cloves of mastic and powder.

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