Rum-coffee truffles

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Soft, sweet, melting taste of these sweets will not leave anyone indifferent, and the combination of coffee with cognac. Lovers of truffles dedicated ))) the Recipe, incidentally, is from the book "the Chocolate Bible". So you can believe that taste divine )))

Ingredients for Rum-coffee truffles

Step by step instruction of cooking Rum-coffee truffles

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1. Here are our ingredients (photo taken products and truffles with lime and honey). This number is obtained approximately 60 truffles, this is the original recipe, I took in 2 times less.

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3. Bring the cream to a boil together with sugar, salt, vanilla, brandy and coffee (I had a Jacobs millican).

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4. Beat in the chocolate cream, bring to a homogeneous condition, set aside to cool to room temperature (so that it can inject the oil)

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5. Butter, beat until creamy and smooth

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6. Entered into the ganache 1 tablespoon Stir. Put in refrigerator to slightly harden. Everyone looks at their refrigerator. The consistency of the ganache should be such that it could be put in a cooking bag or syringe and squeeze the parchment, because the ganache melts.

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7. Now that the ganache pozostale squeezed into little roses. I last used a conventional plastic bag with an attachment for a cooking syringe, because my broke.

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8. Put in the fridge to "settle" is not less than a few hours. I usually put on the night. Then take the cocoa and grated on a very fine grater milk or dark chocolate. As you like. Proportions one chooses for himself. Who wants more bitter - cocoa should be more, someone wants softer use more milk chocolate. I suspect that white chocolate can be used ( as with cocoa and powdered sugar). Mix. Get our truffles from the fridge (easier to remove stuff at 10, because they has thawed at room temperature). Coat each travelink in the mixture of cocoa with chocolate. In principle, they are ready to use. But I take a fine sieve and put each piece in order to shake off excess grit. And everything, in General. Now the truffles can be eaten. Stand they have in the fridge, because at room temperature will just be very soft and will disappear the beauty of the cold melting candy in your mouth ))). Bon appetit!