Riet of chicken in white wine jelly

205 - 180 минут 10 порции

Riety firmly won its place in the modern kitchen. Personally, I'm making riety for a long time and can not imagine my Breakfast without them. Today offer not quite routine option of riata in white wine jelly. This Riet are ideal as snacks for lunch or for a romantic evening. After all, spring is always a time for romance.

Ingredients for Riet of chicken in white wine jelly

Step by step instruction of cooking Riet of chicken in white wine jelly

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1. Fillet wash, dry paper towel. In a pan heat the oil and quickly fry the fillet on both sides. You can take to rieta rabbit legs, it turns out even tastier. With legs to do the same manipulations.

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3. Soak gelatine in a little water for 30 minutes. After 2 hours drain the liquid from the meat, drain it from the spices. Mix the liquid with the swollen gelatin and heat to dissolve the gelatin.

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4. The meat apart into large coarse fibers. In the Bank to put layers of meat, from time to time pouring the resulting liquid. Fill the jar a little to cool at room temperature and put into the refrigerator until firm (mine took about 30 minutes).