Mushrooms stuffed with beef and potatoes

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Options stuffed mushrooms a lot, but every option is good in their own way! I have hats stuffed with shredded beef and grated potatoes with onions, garlic and spices. Topping cheese. Used Kikkoman soy sauce.

Ingredients for Mushrooms stuffed with beef and potatoes

Step by step instruction of cooking Mushrooms stuffed with beef and potatoes

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Cap wiped with a damp cloth.

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Legs separated from the hats.

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Beef cut into pieces and shredded in a grinder, but not to a fine mince. Onion shredded there and put in the stuffing. Added salt, ground red pepper Cayenne.

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Of making a bag for mushrooms, sprinkled a little minced spices - seasonings ( sachet composition - garlic powder, black pepper, citric acid, salt, marjoram, thyme. ) Minced well and mixed for seven minutes fry in a pan with olive oil. Scrub the potatoes and put in the fried minced meat.

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The stuffing mix.

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Filled them with the mushrooms.

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Mushrooms put on the average level in the already heated oven to 200 degrees. Cheese is shredded in the shredder. After 15 minutes the mushrooms pulled from the oven, sprinkled the top with cheese and put for 5 minutes.

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Mushrooms served with Jasmine rice. ( The rice is brought to a boil and shut the lid. While engaged in the vegetables and herbs, rice sasparilla, but slightly was not dovaren. Usually we eat. ) In a serving plate spread the lettuce leaves. In the center put the heart shape and I put pic. Condensed with a spoon and removed the form. On lettuce put the stuffed mushrooms. Next to the rice, put sliced radishes and two small pococke dill.

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Mushrooms sauce made by Kikkoman. ( The sauce is very salty, so the toppings and rice to salt, you need less. ) Hat in the cut. Juicy and flavorful filling. Help yourself! A simple and quick recipe that I really like!