Cheese cakes without flour "Continuous use"

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Very tasty and so rich cheesecakes, and gram flour. But semolina and oat bran play a harmonious melody in combination with sunflower seeds. And yet they are very fond of children, and adults are not far behind!

Ingredients for Cheese cakes without flour "Continuous use"

Step by step instruction of cooking Cheese cakes without flour "Continuous use"

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In curd add the egg, vanilla and 2 tbsp oil Oleina. Punching cheese immersion blender.
Add the semolina, oat bran and sugar. Mix thoroughly

Шаг 2

Add seeds, stir and refrigerate for 30 minutes.
Here is a thick cottage cheese "dough" is obtained. Absolutely does not leak, and no excess fluid.

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In a heated pan add a little vegetable oil. Hands grease with vegetable oil and shape the cheesecakes. Fry both sides on medium heat with the lid closed.
The pancakes keep their shape and do not require boning.