Portion of rye custard bread

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Custard flavored morsel. Portion this bread perfect for your favorite sandwich, has a sweet taste, so familiar to all on the Borodino bread, soft and delicious. Morsel suited to those who adhere to a healthy diet. Perfectly stored for a long time not stale. Now, let us together prepare a delicious and wholesome morsel.

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Ingredients for Portion of rye custard bread

Step by step instruction of cooking Portion of rye custard bread

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In my opinion, it is more convenient to divide the whole process into two stages. The first phase includes preparation of necessary quantities of leaven and preparation of welding.

The evening to cook to 165 g of starter.

For this you will need 15 grams leaven 100% humidity, 75 g water, 75 g rye flour.

Шаг 2

The sourdough (fermented tea leaves):

Welding at room temperature - all
Sourdough - all
Water -100 g ( 35°C)
RJ peeled flour - 100 g
Mix all ingredients with a spoon or with a mixer
and leave in warm for 2 hours for fermentation.
In the photo - the result of fermentation, foaming fragrant mass

Шаг 3

rye flour,
wheat flour 1st grade (a),
kefir ( whey, water)- approximately 50 grams
Mix everything in x/p or manually. The mixer can not cope with this - the dough is thick. (see photo)
I kneaded the "Pizza". Batch 30 minutes, but periodically correct spatula, so all is well connected. The dough dome rises above apostu HP, but does not form a bun.

The dough after kneading, you can leave in a bucket, do not remove. 1.5 hours after mixing, on the surface of the dough will see the first hole, then your dough is ready for cutting

Шаг 4

Prepare a bowl of water, a spoon, a baking sheet asterite baking paper. Sprinkle the paper with flour.


With a wet spoon take the dough and put on the wet palm, then use a second wet hands, form the desired shape.
With wet hands to work with rye dough easily. Feel like sculptors.
The finished workpiece is spread on a floured paper, at the distance of 3-4 cm, because during proofing, they will increase in size. Lightly sprinkle top with flour through a sieve. And leave approach. Approximately 40 minutes ( it depends on the strength of your starter).
At this time, turn the oven.