Indian soup "Gave Masala"

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Gave the national Indian soup based on beans, vegetables and spices (the word "gave" refer to the beans, from which prepare the soup and masala called collection of spices to put in it). The essence of the dish is to tenderize the beans to a state of light mashed potatoes and a good season all the vegetables with spices fried in ghee.

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Ingredients for Indian soup "Gave Masala"

Step by step instruction of cooking Indian soup "Gave Masala"

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Ingredients. The photo shows 3 kinds of seasoning, so I used kitchen king (Indian spices collection), which we miraculously found in the Indian restaurant, Asafoetida and Turmeric. Of course, finding them is not always possible, but it is possible to build my own.

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To begin to put to cook the beans on low heat.
To melted butter add mustard and fry slightly, it will burst and is slightly increased in size.

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In a mixture of oil and seasonings and pour chopped vegetables, fry a little.

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Ready Mash in add dressing, salt and bring to full readiness. We need our beans completely dissolve and turned into a light puree, and only then Gave will be ready.

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In India has Given is the Central dish is very easy to prepare and extremely tasty. It is usually served with bread, Puri or Chapatti. For your meals I cooked Puri)