Rye-wheat bread yogurt

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While not the first of April, the person with yeast pastries on "You" to expose to the professionals, recipe homemade bread!) Just coincidentally, yesterday I finally bought a baking dish, which was the dream, but still could not find a suitable size, or material. And now, today, decided to bake bread with rye flour. The site found 3 recipe rye-wheat bread yogurt, but 2 of them are for the bread machine and one different in composition and mixing. Bread machine, unfortunately, I have, and I needed step-by-step explanation of the dough, so "went to the wool" the Internet and found the recipe author MаRиНа is true, too, in a strange performance, but a link to it, that she was my gratitude! So... let's get started!

Ingredients for Rye-wheat bread yogurt

Step by step instruction of cooking Rye-wheat bread yogurt

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Prepare all the products. (I forgot to photo vegetable oil)

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The recipe is good that do just the dough, no sourdough. Will proseem 2 kinds of flour, add yeast

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The next step was for me the most problematic, as the experience in the mill I have is small, I have been reading the advice of some foreign chefs that the dough needs to stretch, as if letting go of the air. And flour for dusting the-just a little, what would the dough not to score. Take the dough from the two sides of the hands as forks (his words), and fold and knead until dough becomes elastic. Immediately say, that this dough will not be elastic, I kneaded for 10-15 minutes, first 5 minutes was fighting without flour, then a little sprinkle, again kneaded sticky mass, and then covered at the very end, to little form, and put it in the proofing. Write so much detail for those who are just like me, still has a lot of experience. Ooh)) Shifted in a greased Rast oil form and put to rise in a warm place.

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45 min later here is what I came up with.

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Help yourself!