Moldovan Placinta

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A very tasty dish! Doing it almost every weekend. Love everything without exception. When guests are on the doorstep - the most it!

for Lent

Ingredients for Moldovan Placinta

Step by step instruction of cooking Moldovan Placinta

Шаг 1

Prepare the filling (to save time you can make in advance). I have braised cabbage and mashed potatoes (vegan option)
For cabbage: fry onions until Golden brown, add shredded cabbage, salt, pepper to taste.
For the filling potato: boil the potatoes, then it is necessary to mash these. In a pan fry the onion until Golden brown and add to soup. You must also add dill. Add dill to taste (for an Amateur). If there is no dill, I did not put generally. Just mashed potatoes with onions, also add salt and pepper to taste.

Шаг 2

Knead the usual yeast dough (who does not work, you can buy ready-made dough fresh in the store).
The dough should be divided into equal parts. I always divide the 1kg dough into nine parts (to fill the pan)

Шаг 3

Roll out our "balls" to the size of serving dishes + - put the pellets on top of each other on a big plate, lubricating with vegetable oil each tortilla. You should get nine pellets

Шаг 4

Take one tortilla, put on the table and start to stretch from the middle to the edges in a circle. I have torn the dough, I like to roll out thinner, but it gets even tastier.

Шаг 5

Spread the filling as shown in the figure. You should also put the filling of mashed potatoes. Often (not during lent to prepare the filling of cottage cheese 0,5 kg and 2-3 eggs - my husband loves).
Can the sheep cheese rubbed on a grater and scatter around the circle quite a bit (the cheese is very salty)

Шаг 6

Bend in half

Шаг 7

And turn into a tube is not very tight. The dough should be airy

Шаг 8

Turn the tube in the "snail" and lay out on a baking sheet, three pieces in a row.
The filling I alternate: one Moldavian pie with cabbage, another with potatoes.

Шаг 9

Bake at 150-200 degrees until Golden brown. Remove from oven and grease with vegetable oil. I set Placinta package or put in a pot under cover.

Шаг 10

Bon appetit!