Chicken steak in a frying pan and marinade

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Spread on his second dish. As in Israel, we have pork is not delicious (for me), have to look for different options of chicken dishes. In this case, brisket. The recipe is pretty simple and not complicated! I found everything we had at home from the ingredients used in this dish. Let's get started! PS the Specified cooking time taking account of the marinade.

Ingredients for Chicken steak in a frying pan and marinade

Step by step instruction of cooking Chicken steak in a frying pan and marinade

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Step 1: first prepare our ingredients.

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Step:2 Take our grodecki. My we cut all unnecessary, slightly repulsing.

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Step 3 marinade for our chicken. Salt, pepper, sprinkle with a little nutmeg and a little oregano.

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Choose the most convenient dishes, I have it was a normal plate. Pour soy sauce (I did everything by eye), well dip our meat and spread on top the sliced garlic. I put some stuff on the bottom. Leave to marinate for an hour or two. My process lasted half an hour.

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Step:4 once the meat is thoroughly marinated, place it on the pan and fry on both sides. 5-7 minutes. My husband likes the crust was, so I watched as the bacon and fried a little longer.

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Well, our chicken and ready :)

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Garnish will suit any! I have, as you may have noticed, sauce :) Bon appetit! :)