Mushrooms on the grill

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I often go on the skewers. Prepare such shampinonchiki on the grill, on the latticed. Very tasty with baked potatoes. Fast and turns out juicy. I first tried to cook today at home in the oven and a little poeksperimentirovat.

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Ingredients for Mushrooms on the grill

Step by step instruction of cooking Mushrooms on the grill

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My mushrooms. Dry. Option nature on the grill. Take the mushrooms. Before you put them on the grill need to fill them with butter. And put on the grill. Cooking time can tell. The eye. The oil should soak into the mushroom. And fry the mushrooms. When the mushrooms are ready, we are in a baked potato and pour the mushrooms from the rest of the oil. And you can eat. And so cooking at home. Remove the legs from mushrooms and chop very finely

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Also cut the butter. Mix the butter and the chopped legs, a little add salt. Fill the mushrooms with the resulting mixture. And on top I put grated cheese.

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Try nature to do or home. Just quickly. And delicious!