Meat with vegetables in a bread bowl

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Meat cooked by this method turns out very soft and delicious! And a bit unusual submission to please your family. Great option for family dinner!

Ingredients for Meat with vegetables in a bread bowl

Step by step instruction of cooking Meat with vegetables in a bread bowl

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For this recipe it is best to use fresh beef.
Meat cut into small pieces. Put in a deep bowl. Add to the meat onions, roughly chopped and soy sauce. Bay leaf grind finely, add to the meat. Meat salt, pepper, add favorite spices. ( I added ginger and nutmeg)

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While marinutsa meat, prepare a "basket".
Make a dough as for dumplings. Roll out dough and put on top of the refractory ware. (You can use a cast iron skillet) Bake at 180-200 grams. 5 minutes.

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Cut the vegetables into long strips.

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In a hot frying pan to pour oil. Spread the meat. Onions should not be put aside! Cover and leave on the heat just below medium for about 15 minutes. During this time, stir a couple of times.

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The meat will release the juice. When juice evaporates, add the onion in which it was marinated. After a couple of minutes add the carrots and bell pepper. Simmer meat with vegetables for 15-20 minutes on low heat. For a few minutes until cooked add tomato diced, garlic, and herbs.

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The meat turns out very soft and tender, soaked with vegetable juice.
Serve meat in our edible bowl.
Enjoy your meal!