Postage of cod with cheese sauce

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According to the method of preparation is croquettes, forming dumplings. But this Portuguese Postage! I invite you to taste the crispy on the outside, tender on the inside Postage of cod with cheese sauce!

Ingredients for Postage of cod with cheese sauce

Step by step instruction of cooking Postage of cod with cheese sauce

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In a different saucepan, boil the cod fish and potatoes. Fillet boil until cooked in milk, with the addition of Bay leaf, one clove of garlic, salt and ground black pepper to taste. Let the fish cool in the broth. Peeled potatoes boiled in salted water until tender. The water is drained.

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The cooled fish remove from broth, gently squeeze excess moisture from. Mince fillet, potatoes, onion and the second clove of garlic. The resulting mass add salt, pepper, nutmeg. Add chopped greens, eggs and all mix well until smooth.

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Heat oil for deep frying. Of minced meat formed postage using two tablespoons. Fry in boiling oil until Golden brown. Spread the finished product on a paper towel.

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For the sauce: mix the cream with soy sauce, add the spices and warmed on low heat for 2-3 minutes. Then add grated Parmesan, stir until cheese is fully melted. To boil sauce bring.

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The sauce is served with hot pastagem.