Marble snack

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Surprisingly easy to prepare, budget-friendly and delicious snack on bread from pig's ears. It is essentially a sandwich filler, dense and at the same time, melting in the mouth, thin marble strips hryaschikov delicious crunch and look very appetizing sliced. Though the total cooking time is two and a half hours, the actual time of standing for "machine" not more than 20 min.

for 8th of Marchfor 23rd of Februaryfor Valentine's Day

Ingredients for Marble snack

Step by step instruction of cooking Marble snack

Шаг 1

Wash and peel the ears and tongue (Moidodyr))). The store I went to are clean and well pitched pig ears.

Шаг 2

Put them in a large pot and fill with cold water, so that would have covered fully. Except the ears, tongue and water, nothing.
Bring to a boil on the "big fire" diminish to a minimum, remove the foam, cover loosely and leave to boil under lid for 60 min.

Шаг 3

At this time, peel garlic and prepare the spices. Cumin and pepper triturated with a small amount of salt.

Шаг 4

60 minutes have passed, add salt, Bay leaf, a few cloves of garlic and ground pepper with the cumin. So and cook another 30 minutes.

Шаг 5

Next, pull out the tongue and under cold water to clean it. The lugs left on the stove is stewed for another 60 minutes. At this time we press the garlic and mix it with paprika. As the language a little cold dismantle it into fibers.

Шаг 6

After allotted time, take our ears and put in a deep plate or pan. Mix two ladle of broth with garlic and paprika. Each layer of the ears pour fibres of the tongue and pour the dressing.

Шаг 7

Cover with a plate and a yoke. Suggest under the pyramid to expose the tank. Remaining in the pot the broth gently poured into a bowl, added the remains of the garlic (well it is... optional). And leave it all to congeal until morning in a cool place.

Шаг 8

And in the morning all ready!

Шаг 9


Шаг 10

And on the bread. Everybody at work was thrilled.