Juicy burgers from lean beef

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I always cook meatballs in different ways, but when I have a beef with no fat, I tried this recipe. Thanks to this recipe they come out very juicy, tasty and tender.

Ingredients for Juicy burgers from lean beef

Step by step instruction of cooking Juicy burgers from lean beef

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First, put the stuffing in a container, add to it finely chopped onion, pepper, salt, egg, and garlic I protray through a grater

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And they also send potatoes mashed, grated, Basil and mint

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Next, form patties and put on a heated frying pan with oil. Fry on medium heat with lid closed for approximately 8 minutes

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Same thing with the other side

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After you put them in the pan and mix soy sauce with water and pour on the patties, close the lid and wait another 10 minutes