Polpettine meatballs in a creamy sauce

62 - 90 минут -

The meatballs I would have offered You. In cream cheese I put out, Kikkoman slightly overshadowed. Family members rushed to the smell, And the meatballs had disappeared... Those meatballs that I'd offered.

Ingredients for Polpettine meatballs in a creamy sauce

Step by step instruction of cooking Polpettine meatballs in a creamy sauce

Шаг 1

Onions chop, fry in Rast. oil until transparent. Add the carrots, grated on a coarse grater, and fried everything together until soft carrots.

Шаг 2

In forcemeat add oats ( quick cooking), Kikkoman soy sauce, carrots, onion and mix well. Gradually add beef, cold water.

Шаг 3

Good to beat the meat to remove air and place in refrigerator for 30-40 minutes.

Шаг 4

Form a small meatballs the size of a walnut, lay in a greased form. Bake until Golden brown in the oven at 160 degrees for 10 min.

Шаг 5

Prepare the sauce: heat the cream, add grated cheese, stir constantly until complete dissolution of cheese, add oregano.

Шаг 6

Pour the meatballs with sauce and simmer for another 10 minutes at a temperature of 160 degrees.