ABC with garlic arrows

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Azu is a dish of Tatar and its variants in the world about as many variants of borscht... As they say - each family - your little secret. I suggest your. It is less oily due to the fact that not all ingredients are obzhivatjsya separately as in the traditional recipe, but more spicy due to the pickled garlic arrows

Ingredients for ABC with garlic arrows

Step by step instruction of cooking ABC with garlic arrows

Шаг 1

Heat in a pan with oil, throw in chopped meat and fry on very high heat to each slice crusty

Шаг 2

Now pour about 1 Cup of water, add soy sauce "Kikkoman", cover and stew for about 30 minutes - during this time the water should boil away.

If the water does not boil dry - open the cover, turn on full heat and evaporate the water

Шаг 3

Throw the meat and onion fry its good

Шаг 4

Now add sliced pickles and fry too

Шаг 5

Add the chopped tomatoes without skin and tomato paste, stir

Шаг 6

Lay on plates and sprinkle with greens