Quick pie dough

155 - 60 минут 8 порции

Start trying to master the dough.. My co-worker, aunt Galya, seeing my predicament gave me the recipe quick yeast dough (before that in her recipe we baked quick puff pastry and was very happy)-with that said, that"everything is so bake" them... well... I don't know how they do IT!!! Not a masterpiece.. but boast!!! Because rose was soft and tender! HURRAY!!

Ingredients for Quick pie dough

Step by step instruction of cooking Quick pie dough

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Mix the flour with the yeast. In warm water add sugar, salt, butter, pour in the flour and knead the dough (to not stuck to the hands)

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Aunt Galya said that I can sculpt and bake, but I waited about 40 minutes-the dough is very well risen! And the texture is very pleasant!

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Sauerkraut (I have his pickling) peppered pepper and prototile in butter 7 minutes

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The dough was rolled, cut out from a circle (the size of a cutting Board)

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Cut into triangles and each began to lay out the cabbage. Circles I made two RA filled out the form for baking

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The triangles are rolled into rolls

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Laid out in a circle in a round pan, bottom and sides of which are greased with oil and sprinkled with semolina

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Smeared with egg yolk and sent in heated to 180 degrees oven for 30 minutes.. was looking at it with a toothpick and checked so as not burnt and cooked

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So my first pie! Thank you so much for it! Someone is just, and for me, a true feat! And sea of joy!