Peking duck

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The Chinese have a special relationship to duck. They consider it a symbol of integrity and well-being. Creating a recipe for Peking duck, Chinese chefs have managed the most profitable to use delicious, juicy duck meat and minimize its main disadvantages – large amounts of fat and bones. Have no doubt that this dish was invented in a Royal kitchen. His popularity increased significantly, when the restaurants began to operate former chef of the Royal court. Now Peking duck – this amazing delicacy. And really, how not to admire the taste of the pancakes, which are wrapped in flavored duck meat with crispy vegetables and spicy sauce.

Ingredients for Peking duck

Step by step instruction of cooking Peking duck

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4. Hang the duck, if possible, in the fresh air, and give some air for 12 hours (overnight). If you are not able to hang the duck on a hook, just place it on a grate over a baking sheet to her back is not in contact with the bottom of the pan. This procedure allows to dry the duck fat. Then re-heat the marinade and thoroughly "bathe" the duck in it again. Post to clear my head for another 4 hours.

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5. In a pan with a lattice to pour water and put the duck. Water is needed so that the fat does not burn on the pan. Be prepared to put in a preheated 220 oven for 15 minutes. Then remove the heat to 170 and cook for another half hour. To check the readiness of ducks, poke her foot with a skewer – the juice should be transparent, in any case not pink.

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6. While preparing the duck, make the pancakes. Pour the flour into a bowl and make a well in the mound of flour. Gradually pour it in very hot water, stirring dough with a fork. Then carefully knead the dough. It is very elastic.

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7. Roll the dough into the roller.

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8. Divide the cushion into 18 equal pieces.

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9. Dip one piece in sesame oil and cover with a second piece of dough. Good press.

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10. Roll out both pieces along fine (diameter double pancake about 15 cm).

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11. Put the double pancake into the wok, preheated over medium heat, and cook for one minute that the side on which he is preparing, a little dry. Flip pancake to other side and cook for another 40 seconds.

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13. To get a duck from the oven, let "rest" for 10 minutes, separate the meat from the bones and cut into strips or disassemble the fibers using two forks.

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1. Pour into a large pot 2 liters of water, add honey, wine and soy sauce. The lemon cut into circles and add to the soy-honey mixture. Bring to boil, reduce heat and simmer, stirring occasionally, 20 minutes until complete dissolution of honey.

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2. Wash the duck inside and out and thoroughly dry with paper towels. In the neck to insert a thick metal hook.

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3. Holding the duck by the hook, pour over it the hot marinade so they are fully covered.