Crispy pork Filipino "Lechon-kavali"

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This recipe is for all lovers of pork, which is not particularly worried about your waistline. It's pork at its best – crispy skin, tender with melting fat and juicy meat inside. If you have any remorse for what you eat not very healthy food, comfort can be found in the fact that, at least, you do it rarely, but with great taste and pleasure.

Ingredients for Crispy pork Filipino "Lechon-kavali"

Step by step instruction of cooking Crispy pork Filipino "Lechon-kavali"

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1. Meat wash, dry and put into a large pot.

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2. Pour water to cover the meat (about half a litre), add a Cup of soy sauce, cut in half teeth of garlic, pepper and Bay leaf. Cooking meat in soy liquid to simmer a little over an hour. The skin should be easily punctured with a knife, and the meat itself should be fairly soft.

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3. Prepared meat on the grill, sprinkle the skin with salt and put into the refrigerator overnight. Not to cover anything.

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4. Cut meat into pieces thickness about half a centimeter. If cut too thinly, frying it will get too dry, and if too thick, the meat will not warm up completely and will not turn crisp.

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5. Fry the pieces of meat in a large amount of vegetable oil until Golden brown on both sides. (Oil may splash, so be careful). Serve with lettuce and sweet chili sauce.