Soup "Tortuga"

77 - 30 минут 4 порции

Basic potato soup. Very quick, very easy and very tasty! When there is no time, this soup is just a lifesaver. Highly recommended!

Ingredients for Soup "Tortuga"

Step by step instruction of cooking Soup "Tortuga"

Шаг 1

Products for soup. The soup is essentially a single component, only potatoes.
The fat content of cream can be any, according to your taste.
Broth you can use ready-made or prepared from bouillon cube.

Шаг 2

Put the broth on the fire. If you use water, you need to add a bit of salt, Bay leaf, peas of fragrant pepper and your favorite dry herbs and spices.
Peel potatoes and grate on a medium grater.

Шаг 3

Put the grated potatoes into the boiling broth.

Шаг 4

Cook, stirring occasionally, about 10 minutes. Add a piece of butter.
Cook until full of softness of the potatoes.

Шаг 5

Pour in the cream and heated to boiling.

Шаг 6

Remove from the heat and add the greens. Cover with a lid and insist 15 minutes.

Шаг 7

Bacon cut into cubes

Шаг 8

On a dry pan on medium heat fry the bacon until hruskoci.

Шаг 9

Pour the soup into a bowl and put a tablespoon of bacon.
Help yourself!