Pea-cheese dip

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Pleased to offer the recipe is delicious, healthy and nutritious snacks. This dish is perfect for springtime, when I want to eat something light, yet full of structure. Soft and mild cheese and pea flavor very well shaded by the lemon flavor. Try it!

Ingredients for Pea-cheese dip

Step by step instruction of cooking Pea-cheese dip

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The peas I had soaked. Boil it until tender.

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From half of a lemon squeeze the juice and grate the zest.

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Boiled peas add lemon juice and zest.

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Blender make puree until smooth, but not completely smooth.

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Add good quality cheese and chopped parsley. Give everything a good stir.

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Dip is ready. Serve with toast, crackers and fresh bread will be fine).