The marinade of soy sauce

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Of course, they can do soy marinade or dressing, and make each time a little differently. But it is very good to have a versatile marinade, which is useful in preparing a variety of dishes - meat, fish, vegetables and even salads. With this marinade in any dish can be turned into a delicacy. Suffice it to marinate just for 15 minutes meat, poultry or fish, and the dish will turn out delicious guaranteed! The marinade of soy sauce - a sort of secret ingredient to make the dish tastier and more original. A business-something for 5 minutes!

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Ingredients for The marinade of soy sauce

Step by step instruction of cooking The marinade of soy sauce

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Our ingredients are. You can use Kikkoman soy sauce with reduced salt content, a green cap.
Add honey to taste and desire.

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Measured components. I cooked a double portion.

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Pour all in a jar and tightly close the lid.
Oil, of course, is on top.

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Intensively shake the jar. The result is a homogeneous emulsion.