Caramel popcorn

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We all love to go to the cinema and crunching popcorn. But sometimes, at home, gathered at the family watching a favorite movie I want the popcorn. I present to You the recipe. Help yourself!

Ingredients for Caramel popcorn

Step by step instruction of cooking Caramel popcorn

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Here are our ingredients. I took the popcorn for microwave oven. It is tasty, tender and quick cooking. Someone will say that it is harmful or can be bought with caramel flavor ( believe me, nothing taste they have). But the choice of food personal matter. You can take simple popcorn and cook it the usual way.
I took with a creamy taste.

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Fry our corn, as written on the packaging.
In a big pot, put the butter and sugar when the oil begins to emit the smell of butter, add the popcorn. Reduce heat and constantly stir our products. If you will find that our caramel started to burn, feel free to remove it from the heat, but do not cease to interfere. After a couple minutes, put again on the fire.
When popcorn distinctive caramel color (as pictured), it is ready.

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Pour it in a convenient bowl, let cool and enjoy.
In the photo double. You can reduce the amount of sugar and oil then he will be less flavor, and less sweet.
Nice movie!