Steam pan meatballs-meatballs

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I, as a mother of two children with endless cares about how tasty and quick to feed their children. Despite the fact that in General, the whole recipe cannot be called rapid, but it results in my case, help a couple of weeks, and the month is fast tasty and healthy to feed your whole family. I want to share, method of harvesting for the future, cold blanks - molded meatballs-meatballs. They help me all the time!!! Thus, having in the freezer for these blanks, you can quickly prepare a soup for lunch or steam patties for dinner. And with a large freezer, just make blanks for 5-6 Ledger.! Of course after boiling or steaming no such clear pattern in the workpiece, but it is all there, particularly like children, and such portions of the workpiece convenient in all senses.

Ingredients for Steam pan meatballs-meatballs

Step by step instruction of cooking Steam pan meatballs-meatballs

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In fact, I made the blanks from almost all over Turkey, spending on this for about three hours. But the proportions will indicate a 500 gram fillet. The stuffing did not go, wings and drumsticks, I left it for rich soups or aspic.

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Turkey meat cut into not large cubes

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I was promaseal meat in a blender. In a bowl blendera first put the chopped onion into 8 parts, Turkey, eggs, soy sauce, a teaspoon of salt. And premalal in a smooth, uniform, stuffing, tasted for salt. If not enough salt, add more, and again primalite stuffing. The better promolot the meat, the sharper will be the figures from silicone molds.

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And now, we find at home, the silicone ice molds, preferably with interesting patterns and shapes.

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Tightly stuffed with minced meat molds and put into freezer for complete freezing.

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For larger meatballs-meatballs I used silicone form for cupcakes.

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But this stock meatballs.
So go to the store proc that I always got, especially when you do not have time to cook dinner.
Now only to get a steamer, put the cutlets and cook steamed for about 15-20 minutes, depending on the size of the blanks. While patties steamed has time to cut vegetable salad or cook a side dish!