Pie "Hearty dinner"

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Very hearty and delicious tart on a sand base with chicken, potatoes and flavored filling, will be a good family dinner! Taste words can not convey - it is better to try!!!

Ingredients for Pie "Hearty dinner"

Step by step instruction of cooking Pie "Hearty dinner"

Шаг 1

First, prepare the dough for our pie. In the sifted flour put chilled butter and chop with a knife. In flour make deepening and put the sour cream, egg and 0.5 tsp salt. Knead well and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Шаг 2

Meanwhile, prepare a filling. Clean the potatoes and boil until tender. I cut it into slices before cooking.

Шаг 3

Chicken I marinate in advance in a mixture of 2 tbsp Kikkoman soy sauce and 0.5 tbsp honey. Fry the fillets until cooked, remove and in the same pan fry the onion.

Шаг 4

Mix all the ingredients for the filling.

Шаг 5

Prepare the sauce for the pie. Will beat into a soft mousse whisk eggs, 2 tbsp Kikkoman sauce, milk, sour cream, paprika, salt, pepper, nutmeg and herbs (I dill, parsley).

Шаг 6

Bake will be in the form of detachable. Zastelil her parchment and coat with oil.

Шаг 7

Take out of the refrigerator the dough and with your hands distribute the form, to make bumpers.

Шаг 8

Now feel free to spread the filling and gently distributed.

Шаг 9

Pour pie filling and put in a preheated 190 degree oven for 40 min. the Filling was fully prepared, therefore, the willingness to look at the bumpers, they should be Browning well.

Шаг 10

Pie closeup.

Шаг 11

Prepare, you will not regret!

Шаг 12

And here is how the cake looks in the cut.