Skewers of salmon with vegetables and mushrooms

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Delicious, quick and healthy dinner. Juicy and tender fish, perfectly combined with a little pohrustyvanie vegetables. To prepare a shish kebab from fish, can be at home, in the oven.

Ingredients for Skewers of salmon with vegetables and mushrooms

Step by step instruction of cooking Skewers of salmon with vegetables and mushrooms

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Proekty for barbeque

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Eggplant cut into cubes (3*3 cm), lightly sprinkle with salt.
Salmon (washed and drained) remove the skin with a long sharp knife, cut into cubes (3*3 cm), pour in the sauce-marinade Kikkoman Teriyaki, put in the refrigerator.
Pepper and zucchini cut the same size as eggplant, mushrooms - into four parts.
Eggplant wash in cold water,"press". Fold the vegetables and mushrooms into the container, add salt, pepper, add 3 tbsp olive oil, stir, let stand in a cool place.
Let the fish and vegetables to promarinovatsya 30-40 minutes.

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Put the skewers on the grill, at the bottom put the baking sheet with non-stick Mat (or cover with foil, then wash it will be easier). On top drizzle with olive oil.
Preheat the oven to 200 degrees, put the grill with kebabs (below the level of the pan)in the preheated oven. Cook 15-18 minutes, then switch oven to top grill, fry kebabs for 2 minutes on both sides.

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Hot skewers sprinkle a slice of lemon, serve with lettuce leaves.

Pleasant, Sunday dinner!