The liver of the Turkey Milanese

152 - 60 минут 12 порции

Very tender, juicy dish, moderately spicy, spicy. This dish is not ashamed to put on the holiday table. Garnish can be anything (rice, pasta, etc.). Prepared quickly. Because the liver of a Turkey is almost a delicacy, and not always to buy, can be replaced by chicken liver. It may be even a better result.

Ingredients for The liver of the Turkey Milanese

Step by step instruction of cooking The liver of the Turkey Milanese

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Required products

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Turkey liver or (chicken), prepare (clear film) in the liver of the Turkey very little waste. Cut into cubes of about 1 cm, the onion also cut, greens finely chop. Tomatoes (if you want, peel), chopped also diced, garlic, finely chopped

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Preheat the pan (I have a thick bottom), pour some oil begin fried. 3 minutes.

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Then add the prepared liver and fry with 2 sides for 7 minutes, gradually (after boiling of liquid), add the oil.

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Prepared the liver spread in a lightly greased form the 1st layer.

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The next layer, sprinkle with herbs and chopped garlic on top.

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Then a new layer of finely chopped tomatoes.

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Well, the final touch, a layer of grated cheese (on a large grater ). Put in preheated oven 180-190* 30-40 minutes. As soon as the cheese will acquire a softly painted surface and melted completely, our dish is ready. My crust was more crispy, it is better not to bring this up. I will tell you good. I forgot to take a picture, and write any liver before cooking I for 30 minutes soaked in milk. Today I missed, but other recipes take this on Board. What do we achieve?, remove excess bitterness, especially pork and beef liver.