Nutmeg-ginger pork in a French sauce

162 - 60 минут 10 порции

What could be better than wonderfully prepared meat for dinner? Only meat with a light sauce that complements its soft and delicate taste! Invited for a hearty dinner!

Ingredients for Nutmeg-ginger pork in a French sauce

Step by step instruction of cooking Nutmeg-ginger pork in a French sauce

Шаг 1

I bought a pork shoulder and decided to bake

Шаг 2

Like pork with nutmeg and a hint of Basil.. the ginger sets off the thyme... bouquet checked more than once.

Шаг 3

Make slits in the meat, put there cloves of garlic

Шаг 4

Smear the meat with spices, soy sauce "Kikkoman" stacked in a package for baking, if it seems that little of the sauce-add directly in the package with a spoon

Шаг 5

In the bowl multivarki pour half a Cup of water, omit the meat

Шаг 6

Included multivarku-skorovar ku.. pressure 3 mode"fighting" for 45 minutes

Шаг 7

Here our meat in 45 minutes-tender and flavorful!

Шаг 8

Now make a sauce

Шаг 9

Mix mayonnaise, French mustard with soy sauce "Kikkoman"-get gentle, easy and tasty sauce for meat

Шаг 10

Our dinner is ready! Help yourself!