Elegant cake

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We are currently awful weather. A whole week by snow floods, rain floods. Changes occur within a few minutes, and all this Orgy continues to the accompaniment of a squally wind. In the street holodina terrible and dark clouds, but it's April, my heart longs for sun and bright sky, to singing birds swollen kidneys. It I to that so I decided to bake a tasty cake, make the darkness a little paint and a good mood. You are welcome for a Cup of tea!

Ingredients for Elegant cake

Step by step instruction of cooking Elegant cake

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In these gloomy days, I was tempted by the strawberry, which is coquettishly flaunted amongst his other colleagues in the vegetable Department of a supermarket. But all is not gold that glitters. When the packing was removed, it turned out that the beautiful strawberry almost inedible - there is a lovely green inside. Had to think of something, and then I remembered that I have a recipe just for the occasion. Author Nina Tarasova, here are explanations of her Apple pie and poluchasa my Fancy cake.

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Apples of medium size cut into cubes. To apples not darkened, they need to throw the lemon juice.

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Strawberries also cut into pieces.

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Beat eggs with sugar and zapodaj salt until a thick bright mass.

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In the resulting mass add the sifted flour and baking powder. Gently to mix.

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Melt the butter, add the cinnamon, pour in the batter, mix well. Then add apples to the dough and mix. If you find that the apples too much, fear not: because the cake is in the oven will rise and everything will be fine.

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Baking dish to grease and sprinkle flour or as I like to lay a paper for baking and put in her dough.

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Cranberries and raisins, drain, put them over the dough. The vanilla pod to throw away.

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Lays on top of sliced strawberries. Put the form in a preheated oven (180 degrees) and bake for about 45 minutes. Consider the features of your oven - I baked the pie for 45 minutes, and my neighbor, who took me for the recipe after tasting, left for an hour.

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Take out the cake from the oven, allow it to cool and ate.

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Bon appetit!