Rye pies with cabbage

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The recipe couldn't be easier! Pie will appeal to those who like filling cabbage stew. In combination with rye dough is very tasty! This is my first recipe on the Pillsbury. I hope I will succeed)))

Ingredients for Rye pies with cabbage

Step by step instruction of cooking Rye pies with cabbage

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The products that we need.

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First make filling. Cool because it is necessary not to forget... I have a head full of holes, and is not forget)))
For example, to change the attachment on the combine... So I have everything on a grater: carrot, onion, and cabbage.
You can manually cut if time allows.

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In the pan the oil, then the vegetables. And under cover. When the cabbage becomes transparent - tomato paste, salt, pepper to taste. Paste I put a little more, with half a Cup and dilute it with water to eat it.
Spices - optional. For example, nutmeg, paprika.

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Now the dough. Mix the flour, water and butter to a state of soft clay.
Salt is not necessary. Instead of water you can take the serum. And yogurt have tried, the dough is crumbled, but read that it is possible.
Not much to knead rye flour does not like it.
Leave covered for 20 min.

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Divide the dough into equal parts. I have 7.
The dough tears easily, so 3 ways of rolling:
1. on a silicone Mat (ideal)
2. on baking paper
3. on an oiled table (in this case, before you put the filling check that the dough is not stuck to the table.

Now roll out into a thin layer. Spread the filling and turn the roll.

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At first it was difficult to work with the dough. But to get the hang of it quickly.
Put into the form, covered with baking paper.

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Pinned with a fork or knife. You can pour over the vegetable oil or soy sauce (for color).
Bake for 30-40 minutes at 200 degrees

Шаг 8

Pies are crispy and flavorful. Bon appetit!